Six Week Enrichment Class Course



Teaching An

After School Enrichment

Class for Elementary

Schools is super easy with

the provided lesson plans,

videos and materials! 

Here is what new teacher Susan had to say after her first day:

Hi Doug !
Oh My Goodness!  Today was fabulous !
I love my job !
Fabulous kids !
Great class!
(the kids called me...the fabulous, amazing, magical, mystical Susan)

Susan has gone on to teach three magic classes a week at multiple schools. She has been asked to teach biology and craft classes.

She has her choice of classes and decides how much she wants to work. Magic classes got her foot

in the door!


So here is the magic class program for you to do that I have been teaching myself for the past fifteen years at After School Enrichment programs throughout Southern California. If you are not sure what those are, they are classes teaching a wide variety of subjects from painting, chess, dance, languages and many others to elementary age students. They are held after school at elementary schools in classrooms, multi-purpose rooms or cafeterias on campus right after regular classes let out, usually for eight weeks. Parents sign their children up and pay extra for these classes that are taught by teachers, parents of students or local professionals for the schools.  

These are the lesson plan outlines for an eight week Magic Class program that actually excites kids to learn! Each week students learn new tricks that they take home to fool their family and friends with! 

The first week introduces them to what magic is and isn't (it isn't like the Harry Potter movies) and excites them to what is coming each week. Kid's run to magic class and get miraculously well after being sick from school to come to Magic Class. (No kidding! I even had one mom bring her son to Magic Class on the day he missed school.)

Each week builds a bit on the week before to keep challenging the students as their skills grow. Something simpler and something more challenging each class is taught.

Some favorite classes are: Houdini Day, Circus Day and Illusion Day. The discussions that occur during a lesson like Illusion Day are fantastic learning events. How and why we are fooled by something seems very interesting to students and a great way to bring out those quality discussions we teachers love!


(The course is Six Weeks. The classes are picked from these eight weeks of lessons. The course is taylored to your students interests and ages.)

1st Week:
Introduction to Magic
What is Magic and Illusion?
Magic Wand Tricks
Appearing Birthday Candle
The Dancing Fish!

2nd Week:
Circus Day
Let's All Go To The Circus!
Circus Belts
Swamdini Knows!
The Strong Man

3rd Week:
Houdini Day!
Houdini's History
Houdini Walks Thru A Wall
Can You Walk Thru A Wall?
Houdini's Nemisis

4th Week:
Illusion Day!
What Is An Illusion?
Appearing/Disappearing Blocks
Spinning Spiral graphic
A Fishy Story

5th Week:
Variety Arts
Mr. Fingers
Floating Fork and Spoon

6th Week:
Something Weird!
Fishing Trip Postcard
Compass That Doesn’t Point North

7th Week:
Let’s Float Something!
Anti-Gravity Device
Floating Asteroid
Mystery Dollar

8th Week:
Big Day - Graduation!
It's Show Time!
Magic Class Certificate
Magic Wand
Wand Tricks