Welcome to your first class!

I hope you are excited and ready to have some fun. These tricks and routines are designed to be learned by elementary students so I know you can learn them too! I personally have taught them to hundreds if not thousands of kids through the years. The key is to be able to demonstrate the trick first for your kids so they experience the magical feeling. Then they will be excited to learn and show it off to their friends and family! It is a marvlous motivator and as the teacher it will benefit you time and time again all through the sessions. They will rush to class, they will pay better attention and they will quiet down faster every class because they want to learn what you know!

Here is a tip:

Handle the materials for each trick. Get to know the parts and how they fit together. Your students are going to do some things with them that you don't expect. If it can be taken apart somehow, someone is going to do it. And then they will ask you to put it back together saying it fell apart or came that way. ;)  So beat them to it. Take things apart, put them together in different ways. Practice the your presentation before class. You will be glad you did!

Here are videos for the first class day. It is the way I like to present it and cover some issues that make the rest of the classes go smoother. 

Also, the first day magic tricks are designed to be simple but really knock the kids socks off. You are going to give them tricks that they can go home with to show off and make them glad they are in magic class. This class is a powerful self esteem builder.

Some of the kids think they are going to learn real "Harry Potter" magic and are going to be disappointed when they see it is not like that in real life.

So these tricks really help them see it is different than what they thought but still fun and cool.

I like the cell phone analogy and include it in every first class. It makes several key points:

That something seems magical if we don't know how it works.

That the magic disappears when we learn how it works. 

This is the reason magicians don't tell magic secrets.

Presentation Tip:

Tell your kids to come up with their own stories for the routines. Inspire their creativity! Especially when they come up to present the routine for the rest of the class which is a great way for you to learn how well the kids know the trick before you send them home.


First Day Intro Video:

Spoon Gong Video: 

Dancing Fish Video: 


Cup and Ball Video: 


Leave this trick out if you run out of time and do it next week.

Kids can learn all of these tricks. It is just a matter of time during class to get some practicing in so they can go home and have success doing it for friends and family.

Birthday Candles Video: 

To see Doug in action as one of the best kid magicians you can go to his website