Here is the intro for Houdini Day! 

Houdini Walks Through a wall is the hardest trick for the kids to learn. It just takes breaking it down into simple steps for them Let them do it on a table top or floor.

You need to do the cutting. Practice on one or two before class but don't do them all. Pass out the cards to the kids whole then go around and cut them so they can see how the card looks before the cut.

Once you know how to cut the paper you don't need the lines anymore. You can do this with any piece of paper.

The finger trap is one of the kids favorites even though many have seen it before. You just need to play it up and teach them the rules. They will love it!

Here is Houdini Escapes from a straight jacket while hanging upside down!

Here is part 2 where a card with a picture of a straight jacket is tied to the Houdini card and he makes his escape!