Pick A Card Any Card But Don't Tell Me What It Is!

Here is a card trick that doesn't need a deck of cards. There are two versions of this trick. One that uses the Jack, Queen and King and a simpler one that doesn't. If your students are first or second graders use the simpler one. 

The Bunny Paddle Trick

A classic trick for beginners in magic. Takes a little work to get the timing right but it is a simple sleight of hand bit of magic!

Loop The Loop!

This is a great trick to teach kids. They love it and like the story possibilities!

Zig Zag Magician! 

Here is a fun topological oddity like the Mobius Strip but this is more visually obvious. This ties in with the classic magic illusion, The Zig Zag Lady, invented by the famous British magician Robert Harbin. Many kids have seen this illusion on TV and it makes this fun for them to do!

Pick A Card, Any Card

This is a fun alternative card trick that you don't need a deck of cards for! This trick encourages kids to enjoy doing math in their heads. When they see they can fool friends and family with this they get very excited!


Pick One Item & I Will Tell You What It Is!

The Effect: You show side one of the card on the right and ask your helper to think of 1 of the 36 items. Then ask them to "push the button in the circle" of where their item is. You turn the card over and ask them to find their item and push the button again. You then tell them what item they secretly picked!

Explanation: Each circle has a secret number. This secret number will tell you how to find the item they are thinking of.

The second card shows the secret number. Notice the circles are simply numbered one through six counting left to right. When they "push the button" remember the secret number of that circle.


When you turn the card over ask your helper to push the button again of the circle their item is in. The circles and pictures are mixed up so your helper will have to look for their item.

When they push the button in the circle where their item is you will use the secret number from the front side. Starting at the top count to secret number going around clockwise. The top item is always number one. Where you stop will be their item! =)