Graduation Day! The big day when the students get their wands and graduation certificates. (Make sure the kids know that they don't need to invite their parents. I have had this happen more than once!) 

The Day should run like this:

Start the class as usual by getting feedback about how the tricks from last week worked on friends and family.

Show off the wand and certificate the kids will get today. Perform some of the tricks on the Wand Sheet so they know what they can do with it. They will ask you if it is a "real" magic wand. Answer: you make the magic happen, just like we learned in all our classes.

If you think you will have enough time, set out some or all of the tricks learned in the classes. Have them pick one trick to perform for the class. Here is where you learn if they really learned to present the tricks. After each student has finished they move on to reciting the rules.

Each student comes up and recites the three rules of magic from memory. Some kids will stress over this. Don't let them fret. I haven't had a child fail yet. But don't let them off the hook either. If a student can't remember all three rules let them sit down and try again after another student comes up. Remember, they get to hear the rules each time a student comes up and says them. Just make sure they are paying attention!

As each child comes up and gives the three rules, sign their certificate and present them with their wand. They get to take it back to their seat but NOT open and play with it yet. If you want to give them just the certificate and keep the wands until all are done that is fine also.

When everyone is done let them check out their wands and try out doing the wand tricks!

Congratulations to you, you have run a successful magic class!


Successful Magic Class Graduates! 


Graduation Wand Tricks

Wand From Box 

Wand Escape or String Thru Wand