Here is the presentation portion of the Circus Belts. I performed it as if I had students in the room so you could get a feel for it. The laughs will build on the "Yes!" if you play it up.

After performing the routine and telling the story, you make the belts to show the kids how to do it.

This bit of magic introduces the Mobius Strip which is a one sided object.


Here are some tips on the teaching the Circus Belts. If you have the students make the belts during class to take home, you need to bring strips of paper and glue sticks for them to use. I recommend you bring scissors for them to share so they can practice cutting at least one "belt" to see how the cutting is done and do a bit of magic. This activity alone will take up a large portion of the class. The great benefit of making the belts in class is they take home a trick ready to do for their family!


Here is the presentation for Swamdini Knows!

Swandini Knows! teaches logic. The kids have to follow the rules for circling the numbers and then crossing out the rows and columns. Most errors come from not completely crossing out a row or column and that leaves a number open to be selected later that should not be.

Swandini Knows! teaches logic